Advanced Twitter Strategies

The Modern Age Of Job Search

Make Sure Your Name Is Easy To Memorize

An easy to remember name is the true start to any scalable social media prescence. User will identify yourself and your brand by the name that you establish

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Profile & Background Images

Although A strong brand name is a good start, the profile and background images that you choose are essential as well. These images will join together with your namesake to define your brand.

Write Your Bio With Purpose

Successful Twitter strategies include getting customers attention from their first look at your page. This can be easily accomplished with a bio that explains your personality as well as your purpose.

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Use Twitipic To Share Interesting Items

Sharing Interesting Items Using Twitipic is a very easy way to increase engagement with followers and viewers of hashtags.

Post Controversial Content

Use controversial media and posts to grab your followers attention and incite them to interract with the fellow users of twitter. This will increase your chance of being retweeted, liked, and followed.

Monitor Tailored Trends

Track the trends of certain hashtags and media in order to maximize views and interactions. Trends are constantly being searched by users which maximizes the chance of discovery!

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Best of Twitter Inbox

The latest tips and tricks to get more followers from your inbox. Send messages that will engage with readers and get them to want to see more.

Share Some Personal Information

Rather your page is business or personal you must have a balnce of your personal life included. People by from people.

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Find Influential People

Connect With Influential People in order to help spread your message and awareness of your branding. If chosen correctly, these people will make it easier to reach your target market in a shorter period of time.

Using Twitaholic

Use Twitaholic to systemize your twitter posts will increase user engagement and ensure you are using targeted hashtags.

Tweriod To Schedule Tweets

Scheduling your tweets will ensure that you are staying active without the stress of reminders to post. Stay ahead of your marketing by planning what you want your customers to see ahead of time.

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Use The Buffer App To Schedule Tweets

Buffer is another great tool that you can use to schedule posts which will ensure you are staying active with your followers.

Post Inspirational Sayings & Quotes

Posting inspirational quotes and sayings will increase user interation as well as retweets and likes. Users like to share posts that they feel connected with which is common with media that inspires.

Use Triberr To Build Your Following

Triberr will help you find targeted users that are most likely to engage with your content and eventually follow you. Using tools like these will help you increase followers and gain fans the fastest.

Using Hashtags

Hashtags will increase your chance of discovery. Focusing on hashtags that are currently trending will boost your chance of visibility.

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